Louise Everarts de Velp



 I am originally from Brussels, Belgium and currently live with my husband in Los Angeles, USA.

I trained and worked as a professional contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer. I also teach Yoga and Pilates and injury prevention workshops.

As a coach, I work with professional dancers and performing artists, individuals who desire to create a balanced life while using their many skills and passions. I also work with people who want to shift towards a plant based diet, seeking spiritual growth, and personal development. 


The last 10 years


Was an intern at Rosas, the dance company of the renowned choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker


Interned for Pierre Bismuth, an Oscar winning writer, directing his first movie.

Performed internationally for various choreographers


Choreographed and directed my own dance pieces, 'Swinging Primes' and 'Shadows'

Became a faculty member in the dance department of the Lycee Martin V high school, teaching contemporary dance and improvisation, and choreographed work for the graduating students.


Worked as the personal assistant of Douglas Becker, choreographer, teacher and founding member of Forsythe Company.

Studied dance professionally at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance


Participated to an exchange program with Tish, NYU

Got certified as a life coach 


Got certified in plant based nutrition. 

Was part of an exchange program with Tish, NYU


Taught several dance workshops to underprivileged children in rural Cambodia

Worked at a contemporary Art Center


Taught pilates, yoga & meditation, in offices and embassies, in studios, and to high end clients. 

Travelled to 20+ countries