‘Shadows’ was commissioned by the Municipality of Schaerbeek in Brussels, and premiered at the Center for the Arts ‘De Kriekelaar' in February 2017. The piece is inspired by the book 'Slachshaduw' from the Belgian Best Selling Author David Van Reybroek.


The piece is composed of 4 Volets of equal lengths, using mathematical structures to frame the choreography and compose the music. Using those fixed scores, each Volet explores an aspect of the characters relationship with one an other, with their inner world and their emotions.

Instead of witnessing their story in a chronological manner, the spectator can, just like the characters do, explore their memories, their struggles, their relationship dynamic and their evolution as people. 


The music was especially composed for this piece and played live by Leonard Steyaert, as integral part of the performance.

The musician was able to create such a strong connexion between the music and the dancers, that as much as the dancers are following his score, the music seems to be simultaneously generated by them.




Artistic direction: Louise Everarts de Velp

Performance: Louise Everarts de Velp, Nathan Jardin

Music composition & live performance: Leonard Steyaert

Video recording & Editing: Anna Panier & Tom Torbeyns

Visual concept: Tom Hallet Costume

Design & Video recording: Barbara Wolfs Costume design: Elsa Pinchart

Video editing & Trailer: Antoine de Schuyter

Graphic design: Pedro Ponciano